Set Up Your Social Hub With These Tools

Most of the people fail to maintain all their social updates in a single place, but by doing this you can attract the audience in real-time. Maintaining all the social media channels separately will not be any benefit for your business. By bringing both your social media and website together in one place can create a huge impact on the audience to see your message as well as share them with others. The following are few simple ways that can use used to create a social hub for the business. All these social media hubs are known to be effective way to keep the audience attracted and the following tools are the right source to create your own audience to benefit your business. The brands that are looking to reach a wider audience must create their own social hub to share all the information in single place.

1. Having a real-time interaction with Postano- This is a perfect social media tool that is good to share social marketing campaigns along with events. You can easily promote your events, trade shows with the help of this tool. The audiences updates can be seen on the big screen during an event with this tool and help your followers to share it on various social media platforms. It is also the right tool to create your own content for sharing it with your fans or followers without any negative effect.

2. Sharing your multiple feeds with RebelMouse- It is a tool suitable for the digital publishers looking to share their posts based on their relevant content. The users will be able to see latest updates related to your brand and niche of the company. There are few brands already use RebelMouse to publish campaign website and get opinions from various publishers. You can start an additional interaction with your audience with this tool by using trending topic in Twitter or other social media platform. The companies will also get new ways to set up different viewpoints in one single place and make the audience to visit their website.

3. Make your audience participate with Tint- This tool can be used to add timeline social media updates to your website. It is possible to personalize your timeline the way it is displayed and show the photos in different styles such as squares, pin-style and more. When compared to the previous two tools, you can control the content contributed by the users to keep the undesirable posts popping up from the stream with this tool. In the social hub, this tool is known to be the complete package that offers great options for the users to maintain all their activities in a single place. Most of the brand can use this unique tool to track a hashtag based on contests and even embed social timelines on their websites. There are few companies who have used this tool to create a social media hub during a special event.

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