Unique Ways Of Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is an important process that will help to increase your business on this social media platform. Most of the people will be struggling to find the best tweets that can attract more followers or fans. Here are few simple steps that can be part of your Twitter marketing strategy to make it really unique.

1. Twitter poll- Start a Twitter poll to see actual performance in real time and those who cote will get notification alert for final results. Make sure to use the poll question in a sensitive manner which is very important in attracting your audience. You must never ask questions that simple and give some additional time before asking the questions. You can begin the Twitter poll by just composing a tweet and select Add Poll option. You must also include three options for the answers along with a question. Also include a relevant hashtag to get it easily searched. You can also promote the poll on various social media channels and ask them retweet. The best option to start your poll is during live event which will create more engagement.

2. Share a link in your tweet- Adding links in your tweets can help you to get more web traffic and support the Twitter followers in knowing about your brand. Using links in the tweets are known to perform better as it can it can easily receive more retweets. Always make sure to add the links in the center of the tweet as they have more chances to retweeted.

3. Share a trending article- Just look for other articles that are trending on Twitter at the moment and if you are able to add a value to the content, try to share it immediately. To find the best stories on Twitter, try to assess the trends by using the search options. The trends will be based on the location you want to attract the audience and there are chances to find news events as well as conversations happening in it.

4. Tag the influencers- Once you are able to share valuable content on the social media network as a part of your marketing strategy, try to tag your influencers as well as other people mentioned. If you want to promote the influencer post share a content on Twitter that must be tagged to your influencers.

5. Using a native video- The native video timing has been increased to 140-seconds by Twitter that gives more time in engaging with the followers. You can post your business video on daily and weekly basis that must feature details about your brand.

6. Using Twitter moments- This is one of the best options to curate highlights of a particular event, hashtag or even a trending event. Then try to embed it in your blog posts that can give a high reading experience for the audience. You can just share your Twitter moments by adding a simple link in your tweet.

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