Using Conversational Ad In Twitter

Twitter had announced one of the latest ad format known as ‘Conversational Ad’ which is capable of supporting social conversation with a particular brand’s hashtag section. It is very easy to use the Conversational Ad effectively by few simple things like ad unit that are created using hashtags within the call-to-action buttons will make the users to send tweet with one of these hashtags. In case the user clicks on hashtags, they will see the pre-populated tweet and it is possible to edit the entire content. Once the user gets engaged with your ad by clicking CTAs to tweet a message, they will only see another book-end message. Just follow these simple steps to make use of the conversational ad in a better way.

1. Hashtags- The most important thing is selecting the hashtags that are attractive. Before starting the conversation about a particular product make sure that it already been talked by the customers in the social media platform. It is not possible to make the customers to talk about your product, but you can give them a glance about it with your conversation. While choosing the hashtag, try to consider adding your brand name into it or something that is related to your brand. By doing this it is possible to make easy for the followers to known about your company and the product it is related to.

2. Controlling your message- Always write the message which has the capacity to begin a conversation once it has been shared. It is not possible to create a message that will make others to start a conversation, but make sure that it is overwhelming to others and not hurting them.

3. Call-to-action- Adding call-to-action in your second message is very important once the customer tweets such as requesting them to enter into the email marketing list and even help them in purchasing the accessory. By doing this it is possible to create a big opportunity for your brand in the social media platform.

4. Entering into a conversation- Those who are involved in any kind of social media marketing with ad unit it is important to enter into a conversation. You can create great opportunity for yourself in making the customers to discuss about your brand. But make sure that the conversations done must be in a perfect way as it can even lead to wrong discussion.

The first step which is using hashtags is a very important process that must be done with additional effort. In case you fail to select the best hashtag that is not related to your brand all the remaining steps will get wasted and you have to put more effort to make the conversation effective. Always make sure the hashtag used is really engaging which will make other users to easily notice it before entering into a conversation related to your brand. By following this all the brands can easily enter into a conversation with customers achieve good success in this platform.

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