The Risks of Creating Multiple Twitter Accounts

Since that there are so many potentials for us to create multiple accounts on Twitter using proxies, we cannot say that all of them are going to be perfect for us. You know why? Not only we can think that multiple Twitter accounts in your possession can give us a lot of traffic, clicks and possible conversions or sales, but there is also a negative side of it, if you are not being careful for yourself. In other words, I would just like to say that there is a lot of risk if you create multiple Twitter accounts for your own good.

Anyway, what are those risks that we talk about? Do you think even if we buy Twitter followers, we could take these risks once and for all? For me, I know that no one will be perfect for this one, but I think you should be aware of the risks that you are going to expect as a Twitter marketer. The risks involved is that if Twitter outsmarted you for creating multiple accounts by using private proxies (only if they have figured it out, depends on how many proxies you have), there is a chance that your main IP and purchased private proxies will be banned from accessing on Twitter.

In other words, your main internet protocol (IP ) address was already on Twitter’s blacklist, and so as your proxies. In order not to become one of the suspicious guys or gals who uses proxies to create multiple accounts, you need to do it slowly but surely.

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