Two of The Best Web 2.0 Properties For Twitter Marketers

For today’s blog post, I am going to share something that can be quite interesting for all levels of Twitter marketers around the world. This is also for those people who have invested their own money to buy Twitter followers like no other. But what makes you really think that this is going to be very interesting. It is because I am going to reveal two of the best Web 2.0 properties that will help you out to boost some niche campaigns, and promoting it to your Twitter followers. Without further ado, these two Web 2.0 properties that I like to talk about are no other than Squidoo and Hubpages.

Let us start first with Squidoo. Actually, this is currently the best Web 2.0 property that we have ever seen. Due to the unique features that Squidoo had, it’s likely deserved to be on the top of the Web 2.0 mountain, and Google loves them too. Instead of blog posts, the articles that are currently published there are called as lenses. On the other hand, another Web 2.0 property that was likely giving attraction to our Twitter followers, is no other than Hubpages. I think Hubpages was the second overall attractive Web 2.0 property of all time.

Instead of calling them as articles or blog posts, they are being called as hubs. Each one of them gives us an ability to customize our own lenses or hubs, by simply dragging add-ons to our own articles. Such add-ons that I am going to mention are polls, images, links, videos and a whole lot more.

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