Promote Your Business With Twitter Moments

Moments in Twitter are one of the best feature to make your business popular. This is one of the newest feature added in this social media that has been very popular among most of the Twitter users. You can share a number of tweets with the help of this feature related to a particular topic. To use this feature go to Moments tab and you will find the recent moments which will be shown first based on your relevant topic. It is also possible to see the moments that you have created. To create your own moments click on profile photo you will see Moments in drop-down menu. Now you have to select the title of your moment before including the description. The description is very important as it will help to get more engagement from the Twitter users. After creating the moment you must start adding tweets in this section.

You can select the tweets as per your wish to include in the moments feature and tweets can only be added manually. Try to include cover image for your moment which is also an important option to attract more users to your profile. To design your moments further to make it attractive, there is an option called as More where you can see features such as mobile theme, location, delete moments and more. Once you have selected all the options for your moments feature, try to select Publish button. Try to promote your moment with new tweets and share it to your users. To see the moments you can see lightning bolt sign and just click on that to edit or delete it. In case you are using Twitter Moments for the marketing process of your business.

You must reach to your main influencers as they can provide a great visibility to all your campaigns. In case some of the other influencers in Twitter have engaged with your brand, try to add it in your moment. Include the tweet from your influencer in the moment on top to make it visible easily. Twitter moments can also be used to promote your particular event which is happening at present or even future events. By including tweets in your moment will help to share the information who like to take part in the future event. Always share the moments when you are in a live event.

Another best option to make your moment popular is by adding tweets featuring videos. You can also include the video as cover photo as it will be visible to everyone easily and add more grip to your content. But you must also know which are the best tweets that can be added in your moments feature. Try to decide what type of interactions are perfect for adding it in the moments as it will have great impact in your business. This will help you to reach to most of the users who are part of your conversation.

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