Twitter Announces Moments For Everyone

Moments option in Twitter was first introduced only for the brands, but now every user will be able to use this feature. Now all the Twitter users will be able to create new Moments and share it with their followers or friends on this platform. Moments is really very easy to use by going to the tab new Moments in your profile and choose ‘Create a New Moment’ to create your own. Next you must create cover page for the new Moments. At present this option is available only for the users who access their Twitter account from their computer. Try to use a new image from the tweet in the Moment and select the content for using it. In your cover selection, you can also see the options for including tweets in your Moment.

There are different type of options that can be used in your Moment such as tweet search, tweets I’ve liked, tweet link and tweets by account. After finding the right content for the Moment collection, try to include it in your tweet. While using the image from a tweet from the Moment, just enter into your cover selection to select the image. Then select the option Publish to get the URL that can be included in the tweet sent to your followers and the URL can also used in other websites for others to view it. All these process is really simple, but it depends upon the people who use it. There is one disadvantage in this feature as it doesn’t have and editing option and you cannot alter them as per your order.

There is a complete list of tips introduced from Twitter to use Moments in a proper way. Some of the Moments tips include titles with short content which must look expressive. The description used must express the details available in the Moment feature, use an attractive cover photo, the tweets used can be taken from other accounts related to friends, etc and the Moment must feature less than 10 tweets. All these can be a great option if they are used in a proper way. This option is mainly helpful for the brands who want to promote their product in the right way on this platform. With Moments, Twitter is introducing itself in a most simple way and attracting more people very easily.

The Moments option is expected to attract most of the people and mainly the young Twitter users who are very keen in sharing their ideas. You can also share live-streaming with Moments by giving more information about the products you are marketing. As this option has made available for everyone now only, we have to just wait and see how it is useful for all of us. When Moments was first introduced for the brands, it failed to attract more people to Twitter, with this new option the company is planning to reach out of more people with updated features.

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