Ways To Find Hidden Traffic In Twitter

Twitter is not known to generate more traffic like other social media network as it is mostly hidden. Just like normal websites, twitter traffic also differs when compared to other similar sites. Some of the people may think that without traffic there is no point in using twitter as it can be simply a waste of time. But this is not true, twitter is only able to generate small amount of direct traffic and it can be enough to get the people you are looking for. The little traffic available for your account in twitter can be helpful in a large amount where you can attract users with your content. In the earlier days RSS used to be the most important part in every business. But in the present twitter is considered to be the latest RSS.

Twitter is used by people all over the world in large numbers including many influencers, bloggers and even media people. Try to have a list of people who can share a content just about social media and blogging. Never leave your twitter account without any conversation for a long time as it cut the link with your people who are looking to expose your content. Most of the bloggers will find a particular tweet as traffic to follows the links in the article, but it will not be considered as twitter traffic. It will be known as subbed traffic that has been generated from the original content.

Dark social traffic is known to be generated when you are trying to post direct link for your content in the social media network. This link will always be clicked outside the network. It is able to consider this as traffic by the Google Analytics, it is suggested to be direct traffic making it difficult to access the clicks that happen to a content you have posted. It is possible to get referral traffic in twitter by using Google Analytics in three ways. The first option is setting up Google Analytics for your twitter account. You can view unfiltered result with entire data in the default view of Google Analytics.

The second option is creating additional view to track custom URLs in a particular post. You can simply copy website URL that will be linked to and post it in the field and Campaign Source can be used to find out the link posted in various social media networks. Always use short URLs for your links as most of the social media networks have restriction of using lengthy URLs. At last log in into the Google Analytics to customize your results. You can also go Campaigns and select Secondary Dimension to apply a filter that will show only the custom URLs created with Source fields.  It is also possible to get exact results for links that have been posted originally even it has been clicked from other websites. Business people can easily track performance of their content posted in the social media network with this option.

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